Geschichte von Slow Food 

Slow Food: Birth and Growth of an International Association

1986Arcigola association formed in Langhe district of
 Piedmont, Italy.
1988First National Congress of Arcigola held in Siena.
International Slow Food movement founded at Opéra
Comique in Paris and Slow Food Manifesto signed.
First Slow Food International Congress held in Venice.
Publication of the Osterie d'Italia guide marks the birth of Slow Food Editore.
Slow Food Germany opens national office in Sulingen.
Slow Food Switzerland opens national office in Zurich.
1994Slow Food organizes Milano Golosa, a trial run for the
Salone del Gusto.
First number of Slow, Herald of Taste and Culture, the Slow Food International magazine printed in Italian, English and German.
 Slow Food holds the first experimental Salone del Gusto in Turin, where it presents the Ark of Taste project.
‘Dire fare gustare' (Saying, Doing, Tasting) conference marks beginning of Slow Food's taste education project.
Cheese, Slow Food's first international dairy fair, held in Bra. Second International Slow Food
Congress held in Orvieto.
1998Agenzia di Pollenzo, a company to restore the former Savoy residence in Pollenzo (Bra), to house University of Gastronomic Sciences, hotel, restaurant and Wine Bank, formed.
Second Salone del Gusto held in Turin.
1999Campaign launched to collect signatures in defense of Italy's food and wine heritage and demand a review of European HACCP regulations.
Concept of Slow Food as eco-gastronomic movement is introduced at Slow Food Australia Congress.
2000Presidium project launched.
Slow Food USA founded with headquarters in New York.
First Slow Food Award for the Defense of Biodiversity presented in Bologna.
Third Salone del Gusto held in Turin.
New Slow Food websites-www.slowfood.it in Italian and www.slowfood.com in English - go online.
‘No GM Wine' campaign launched against the commercialization in Europe of transgenic vines.
Manifesto in Defense of Raw Milk Cheeses drawn up. Master of Food, a new educational project for adults, launched.
Second Slow Food Award presented in Oporto.
2002Third Slow Food Award and fourth Salone del Gusto held in Turin. First 30 international presidia presented.
2003Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity formed to support Slow Food Award, Presidia and Ark of Taste.
First Slow Food France Congress held in Perpignan. Offices opened in Montpellier.
 Aux Origines du Gout, biennial meeting of world terroirs, organized by Slow Food France, held for first time.
Fourth Slow Food Award held in Naples in conjunction with Slow Food International Congress.
2004FAO officially recognizes Slow Food as a nonprofit organization and stipulates collaboration agreement.
Renovated Agenzia di Pollenzo and University of Gastronomic Sciences opened. Slow Fish, fair dedicated to sustainable fishing and seafood, debuts in Genoa.
Slow Food Japan opens with congress in Yufuin. Offices opened in Sendai.
Italian Ministry of Universities and Scientific Research officially recognizes University of Gastronomic Sciences.
Fifth Salone del Gusto is held in Turin, accompanied by first Terra Madre ‘world meeting of food communities'. Carlo Petrini named ‘European Hero' by Time magazine.
2005General Meeting of Italian Presidia in Sicily.
 Minas Gerais convivium organizes first Salão das Comunidades do Alimento in Brazil.
Slow Food celebrates 20th birthday at sixth Slow Food Italy National Congress.
Slow Food USA sets up Terra Madre Relief Fund to help Louisiana food communities hit by Hurricane Katrina. Slow Food UK opens national office in Ludlow. Sixth Salone del Gusto and second Terra Madre held in Turin.
2007Vignerons d'Europe, a meeting of 600 winegrowers, organized by Slow Food France. First national Slow Food Day held in France. Slow Bier held in Munchberg, Germany, and Slow Food Fair, a German Salone del Gusto, held in Stuttgart. Slowfish held for third time in Genoa. Cheese held for sixth time in Bra.
Slow Food joins Europe - Free from OGM coalition.
Terra Madre Brazil held for the first time in Belo Horizonte.
Fifth International Slow Food Congress held in Puebla, Mexico. Salone del Gusto-inspired Algusto food fair held in Bilbao, Spain.
2008Carlo Petrini named one of the '50 people who could save the planet' by the British newspaper The Guardian. Seventh Salone del Gusto and third Terra Madre held in Turin.
Terra Madre regional meetings held in Tanzania, Austria, Argentina and Norway.

1,000 events are organized for the first Terra Madre Day, held on December 10 to mark Slow Food's 20th anniversary.
The fourth Slow Fish event is held and an international Slow Fish campaign and website is launched.
Cheese is held for the seventh time, and the first Euro Gusto event is held in Tours, including the Terra Madre Young Europeans meeting.
Slow Food USA lobby for better food in schools with the Time for Lunch campaign, starting with 300 community Eat-Ins on Labor Day.
Terra Madre regional meetings held in Tanzania, Austria, Argentina and Norway.
2010Eighth Salone del Gusto and fourth Terra Madre held in Turin.
Terra Madre regional meetings held in the Balkans, Brazil, Geogria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Argentina.